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Fourfold is a solutions based mortgage broker with a focus on residential property finance. Our expertise is assisting clients with structuring loans for home, investment, superannuation and construction.

MFAA-SMSF-credit-adviserThink of your broker as a professional resource in the same way you think of your accountant, financial planner or solicitor. When we help you with your borrowing needs, we consider you to be a client for life.
We want you to be confident that you are working with someone who has your best interests in mind now and in the long term. Our aim is to find you the best loan for your needs, and make the process as simple and transparent as possible! Please get in touch with us today.


Why choose us

We do complex loans well. Using your superannuation to invest in property can be an excellent way to boost retirement savings but the process of purchasing property and arranging finance is complex and laden with technical rules. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls, offer advice on loan structure and repayment strategy and we’ll even provide you with cash flow analysis so you make better investment decisions.

Our involvement makes buying property easy. Often an undervalued task, we take a lead role in orchestrating your team to get finance approved and the property settled on time. This includes liaising with your lender, financial adviser, accountant, conveyancing solicitor, building & pest inspector and sales agent.

There is no cost for our initial discussion and assessment of your borrowing capacity. We ensure you know exactly where you stand before deciding to proceed. You’ll understand what’s involved, what you can afford and importantly the cost of it all.


You can use these resources to assist us with your application and also to help you make more informed investment decisions.



Can I buy property in super if I don’t have a self-managed super fund?
No, only SMSFs have the ability to invest in property directly. However, all types of funds can gain exposure to the property sector via listed property trusts.

How much does it cost to set up an SMSF?
It depends on who you use but as a rough guide establishing a SMSF trust deed and company trustee will set you back around $2,000.

Can Fourfold help me set up an SMSF?
There are rules and regulations surrounding superannuation and planning for retirement. Fourfold does not give, nor does it purport to give, any financial advice. We recommend you seek professional financial advice before embarking on any form of superannuation investment. If you do not have a financial adviser already, we can introduce you to a trusted professional to discuss your situation.

What is the minimum balance you need before setting up an SMSF?
A common misconception is that you should have at least $200,000 in superannuation benefits prior to establishing an SMSF. The reason lies with the general view this is the breakeven point for running costs. (Ie. $2000 pa for an SMSF vs 1% pa for an average APRA-regulated fund)

Ultimately the amount you need to establish an SMSF is a personal decision. Issues other than cost should be considered including the level of control you want over your super benefit.

It should also be noted that you can set up an SMSF with up to four people and consolidate the super balance from each member into one SMSF. From a lending perspective, many banks do not impose a minimum balance in order to have finance approved.

What is Fourfold’s fee for arranging a super fund loan?
There is no cost for our initial discussion and assessment of your SMSF borrowing capacity. If you wish to appoint us as your SMSF mortgage broker our fee is $660 (incl. gst) which can be paid by your super fund.

What loan terms are available for SMSF’s?

Residential loans max 80% of the property value, 30 year loan term.

Commercial loans max 70% of the property value, 25 year loan term.

What are the benefits of borrowing to invest in super?
Your super fund can borrow to invest without it affecting your personal cash flows and lifestyle.

With a larger asset base the returns on your investment are magnified.

Tax rate concessions can help you reduce the loan faster and own the property sooner. A lower concessional tax rate may also apply to any capital gain on the sale of the investment property.

SMSF loans must be a limited recourse borrowing arrangement, meaning if something goes wrong and the fund defaults, other assets in super are protected.

Can I occupy a residential property that my SMSF buys?
No. If a member of the SMSF occupies the property the “in-house asset rule” would be breached. However, the SMSF can buy a property that the investor intends to live in after retirement. This is possible if you transfer the property from your super fund to yourself after you retire.

Can Fourfold help me with my other borrowing needs?
Yes, we assist our clients with all property finance matters including borrowing for home and investment as well as SMSF investment.

I don’t live near Fourfold’s office, can you still help me?
Yes, we’ve helped clients all over Australia. Of course we welcome face to face meetings but if this is not convenient for you, phone and email works just fine.

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